PageProof birthday release: new product features June 2023

PageProof’s birthday month has arrived! And, as you know, we love celebrations, and we love delighting customers with new, innovative features to supercharge their creative approval workflow. So, we can think of nothing better than surprising you with a PageProof special birthday product release throughout the month of June. This release has something for everyone, from designers to marketing teams, Enterprise customers to Teams, and reviewers to approvers.

To give you a sense of how we like to celebrate, take a peek at what exciting product features we released in our countdown to Christmas last year – festive fresh new features.

PageProof special birthday release

Feature 1: ClickUp integration

We’re excited to announce that the PageProof ClickUp integration is now out of beta and available to all PageProof customers on paid plans. This new integration means that ClickUp teams can now access advanced proofing of all their file formats, powerful review tools, and automated approval routing – resulting in endless time savings and increased productivity. Follow these instructions to connect your PageProof and ClickUp accounts.

Once connected, you can:

  • Create proofs in PageProof and reference them to an existing ClickUp task.
  • The ClickUp task custom fields are automatically kept in sync with the proof as it moves through its lifecycle. Follow these instructions to set up custom fields.
  • See a proof summary comment in your ClickUp task, giving you vital proof information at a glance, such as: the current workflow step, count of comments, to-dos, dones, count of decisions, proof status, and more.
  • When the proof is given final approval, the approved file can be automatically uploaded directly into the ClickUp task.

Learn more here.

Feature 2: Automatic barcode scanner

Perfect for reviewing packaging artwork, our automatic barcode scanner will scan the proof and highlight all barcodes found. It will even tell you how many of those are unique. Hover to see the barcode result. Click to quickly and easily create a comment, or copy the details. QR codes are supported too. Learn more about the new barcode scanner, a powerful addition to PageProof’s magic tools.

PageProof’s automated barcode scanner in app

Keep watching for the in-app announcements for more special features being released through June! Or get in touch to find out more.