Step up your brand marketing to face the crisis

The global crisis has sent some brands into a tailspin. Others have stepped up to the challenge. By not getting caught in the panic, smarter brands are finding opportunities to promote their products amid the massive disruption caused by the pandemic. Brand marketing can continue to drive engagement by pivoting their content strategy. Lessons can be taken from China. Foremost, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that:

During a crisis, timing is critical. Determining the appropriate cadence and striking the right balance between commercial and branding messaging will be key.

Gartner analyst Danielle Bailey

Remember – what brands do now will cement their consumer loyalty for when the market returns.

Get creative

Videoconferencing has provided a new medium due to its explosion in usage as people are forced to work from home. People feel exposed and are looking for ways to spruce up the appearance of their potentially messy or boring surroundings. Zoom’s “virtual background” option allows users to get creative and select their surroundings to hold the call. In light of the pandemic, companies are quickly jumping in to take advantage of this novel way to showcase their brands.

Behr Paint was one of the first to make their background images available for download on the Zoom app. A “Behr your background” library for stylish designs means that anyone can create an instant home makeover for their next video call. By providing digital settings for video calls Behr and West Elm may inspire consumers to buy their products to redecorate their homes.

Exhibit leadership

In these turbulent times, consumers are looking for reassurance. An opportunity exists for brands to step up and help.

Nike is one brand ready to “do its part“. Every function of their business is committed to driving this. From manufacturing teams investigating protective gear for the frontline staff; providing the Nike exercise app free of charge to consumers; supporting staff with continued pay even while stores are shut; adjusting their digital strategy to support self-isolation messaging across Europe and the US.

Nike CEO John Donahoe maintains that the strength of its brand, a shift to digital commerce and showing it is doing its part to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic will help the company navigate the current crisis.

Unite for the bigger goal

Rivaling brands are uniting in an effort to support the new world we are living in. As Brit’s are being asked to stay at home, Britain’s biggest telecoms companies including BT, Sky, O2, Vodafone and Virgin Media have launched a national campaign to avoid a network outage in an unprecedented union.

The campaign will run across digital and social media as well as direct communications to the tens of millions of customers signed up to broadband, mobile and TV deals with the UK’s largest providers. Messaging will tell the public how to manage their internet and mobile phone usage to reduce congestion on networks as millions are confined to their homes.

In summary

There is no doubt that the challenges caused by the global pandemic will continue to evolve over time. It is vital that brands continue to look for ways to adjust their messaging, marketing, and production. Be creative with your messaging and be open to trying new channels. Exhibit leadership as well as compassion through every part of your business. Don’t shy away from working with former rivals for the greater good.