No need to leave Slack. Collaborate seamlessly with PageProof.

Wherever you work, so does PageProof with PageProof logo and Slack logos with line linking them

The Slack platform lets teams converse easily, agree on actions, and incorporate services through apps or workflows.

Slack native integration

If your team members are using Slack for messaging, why not streamline your workflow with PageProof by getting proof approvals and proof to-do list notifications delivered directly into your team’s channel, or add a personal touch by using the PageProof Slack app to deliver them directly to you.

New notification setting

Our Slack integration has had a Christmas upgrade – you can now send proof notifications into a particular channel of your choice on a proof-by-proof basis, if you like. Meaning you can loosen your grip, while still holding the reins.

Wherever you work, so does PageProof.○ Wherever you work, so does PageProof.