PageProof’s 12 days of Christmas

The festive season is one we all look forward to, especially spreading the Christmas spirit. We love making reviewing work feel less like work with our in-app themed novelties over this time. We hope these will spread smiles as you fly through approvals on autopilot.

Given the difficult year that 2020 has been, we wanted to gift our customers something extra special – PageProof’s very own 12 days of Christmas. Free on all licensed plans and aiming to delight.

The sleigh is heavy with new features:

Day 1: Red, green, or something else?

If you’d like to change the standard set of pin colors to something else you can. We personally love red for a to-do and green for done, but if you’d prefer purple, orange, blue, or something else it’s up to you. Head to your profile settings to set your pin color preference.

Day 2: Audit enhanced for assigning to-do lists.

Which editor was assigned by who and when? Now the proof audit tells you just that.

Day 3: Web developers Apple device users rejoice!

Webp – a modern image format that provides smaller, richer images to make the web faster, and heic – high-efficiency image file format imagery native to iPhones and iPads, are typically difficult for someone to open without the software, so we’ve made it easy to share these for review and attach to comments. Learn more about these file types here.

Day 4: A power-up to your team dashboard.

Team administrators can now enjoy team collection folders and new bulk actions on the team dashboard for ultimate control.

Day 5: Lightning fast global search.

Faster than Dasher, Dancer…and Rudolph! It’s all about speed when finding proofs. A new lightning-fast global search that can be used anywhere you are in PageProof. Use the keyboard shortcut forward slash / to try this out.

Day 6: Track your skips and nudges.

See exactly when you nudged or skipped a reviewer under the proof’s audit.

Day 7: Stay in the know: a new notification for final approvals.

A new email notification setting lets you be kept in the loop of all proof approvals. Turn this on under your profile to receive an email when proofs you’re involved with are given final sign-off.

Day 8: On due date reminder

A new automatic reminder setting under your profile for on due date gives you all the control, with none of the micromanaging.

Day 9: Pixel perfect svg proofing!

Scalable vector graphics are often used on websites and in animations. Create proofs of svgs, and attach these files to comments too.

Day 10: Paperclip. Paperclip. Paperclip.

Sometimes you need to attach several files to a comment, well now you can.

Day 11: Reference a Slack channel to keep everyone in the loop.

Now you can send proof notifications into a particular Slack channel on a proof-by-proof basis. Make sure you’re on the latest version of our Slack app (click allow), then use the reference field on the proof setup screen or in the proof’s info pane to send notifications into a channel of your choice.

Day 12: Asana users rejoice!

A huge welcome to Asana. Our native integration is now live and team administrators can turn this on for their organization under integrations.

From our porch to yours, thank you for being such fantastic users 💚.