Seamless collaboration with the PageProof Adobe CC extension

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Seamless integration with the latest Adobe CC add-on

Successful collaboration is top of mind, as people continue to work remotely. The challenge, as always, is to work as efficiently in your teams from home as in the office. There is a wide range of tools to choose from to make this transition smoother. Workflow, access, process, and security are all considerations.

PageProof’s Adobe CC extension, released in 2017, has proven to be one of most popular features. Used by corporate marketing teams and agencies alike, it has been called “a match made in designer heaven”. The add-on enables a proof to be quickly uploaded directly from your Adobe tool – removing the need to create print-ready PDFs and other formats for gathering feedback. This is hugely beneficial for those working from home.

Add simplicity to online proofing with Adobe CC

The extension was created in partnership with Adobe to add simplicity to your proofing process. Once downloaded, you can stay in your favorite Adobe creative tool to begin the review and approval process – reducing time spent with administration tasks. InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects are all supported with the single Adobe CC add-on.

The simplicity lies in:

  1. Easily creating and routing proofs for review
  2. Viewing comments layered directly over your file, saving valuable time toggling between programs and organizing versions and improving accuracy when making changes to your file
  3. Reducing time chasing feedback – PageProof automatically reminds reviewers on your behalf.

An even smarter tool

The latest release of the Adobe CC extension includes support for our additional red pen tools! With three options to choose from: the standard red pen, text highlighter pen, and the drawing pen, it is easy to add clear feedback on the proof. Then all you need to do is push the green button to say you’re finished reviewing.

It’s simple to add your feedback using your choice of red pen.
This Help Video tells you how.

The PageProof Adobe extension is included free with any PageProof plan. Such a simple way to promote collaboration and ensure that productivity is maintained between your design team and reviewers.

You can book a demo here.