PageProof fresh new features: April 2023

PageProof fresh new features for April 2023

We love sharing details of fresh product releases each month. The latest features from PageProof have something for everyone, from marketers to designers in both the approver and reviewer roles. April’s features include:

  • Mirrored file column support for
  • ColorSep® enhancements
  • New native ClickUp integration
  • PageProof Academy: Collections and folders

Enhanced workflow with Mirrored file column

Ensuring all creative workflows are seamless and full-featured is essential for gaining efficiencies in your creative teams. That’s why we’re excited to share that for our integration, Mirrored file columns are now supported. The mirror column is an excellent way to link information from one (or more!) boards to another to optimize your workflow. Not only does it allow for automatic updates of information between boards, but it also enhances visibility across departments within your organization.

You can quickly and easily create new proofs directly from the PageProof item view – you’ll see all available files, including mirrored files, to create as proofs. If you haven’t already, add the PageProof board view to create proofs directly from the board too.

Streamline packaging review with ColorSep® enhancements

Let’s take a look at recent enhancements to ColorSep® – perfect for when you’re reviewing packaging. Use your mouse to hover over the color separation plates to see the breakdown of ink coverage. In addition, you can look at the composite, individual plates, or a combination of plates. Back in the proofing screen, you’ll see a color profile is now displayed in the proof dimensions pill, as well as details of linked assets from the original file. Perfect for checking the artwork has been created using the correct files.

Proofing color separations to preview color separation plates

Seamless collaboration: ClickUp and PageProof’s integration

We are excited to introduce our brand-new native integration with ClickUp. Team administrators can easily bring PageProof’s powerful online proofing to ClickUp by selecting team, then integrations. Once connected, simply reference a ClickUp task in either the proof setup screen, or in the proof’s info pane. Custom fields for the proof status and proof link in ClickUp will be automatically updated and kept in sync. And you’ll find an information-rich summary card in the task’s comment feed. When the proof is given final approval, the file can automatically be uploaded to the ClickUp task too. Check out how to install PageProof & ClickUp integration via this link or chat with an expert here.

ClickUp and PageProof’s integration boosts your productivity

Master effective organization with PageProof Academy

Don’t miss our latest recording on optimizing proof organization! Let CTO and PageProof expert Marcus take you through effective strategies for creating and managing collections, as well as utilizing folders for streamlined organization. Take advantage of this valuable resource today by reaching out to to receive a link to the video. 

Unlock the power of proof collections with PageProof Academy’s essential tips and tricks

Our fresh new features videos are posted on YouTube every month. Ensure you’re up-to-date with all the latest enhancements by subscribing to our YouTube channel. You can also view our previous feature releases via this link.

If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization streamline creative approvals, book a time below.