PageProof’s 12 days of Christmas feature release 2022

December is a time of bells, stockings, elves, and… PageProof’s 12 days of Christmas feature release.

We are passionate about creating joyful, nurturing experiences that make it simple to elevate your brand. So we can think of nothing better than surprising you daily in the countdown to Christmas – with a new feature released every day.

For the first twelve days of December, these festive features will have you jumping for joy in the lead-up to Christmas and beyond.

Take a peek at what festive fresh new features were released last year.

The countdown has begun!

Day 1: WAV file support

Jingle all the way! Introducing support for wav files – perfect for high-quality proofing music, podcasts, and radio ads.

Day 2: Download a collection

Down the chimney… In a single click, download the original files of proofs in a collection. Or, pick and choose which files you’d like to download.

Day 3: Adobe add-on super-charged!

A gift for all designers who work in Adobe apps – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, InCopy, Premiere Pro, and After Effects – create proofs from 6 Adobe CC apps with all the functionality of the proof setup screen – edit the workflow, add a checklist, add integration references, add owners, control proof settings….everything! Creating proofs from your design tools has never been more powerful. Update to v1.15.01 of the PageProof Adobe add-on today.

Day 4: Team member download & new audit events

Not long till Santa! For team administrators, export a list of your users along with useful profile information – just look for the download icon next to the search. And for enterprise customers, enjoy seeing details of how long a proof took to move from one workflow step to another in the full audit view. Dates and times can be viewed by clicking the audit event, and audit data can be exported in a single click.

Day 5: Video, GIF, zip file attachments (and more!)

When adding comments to proofs, if you need to add a video, GIF, or zip file as an attachment, now you can! (and we threw in .eml and .msg files too). Need HTML? Just zip it first.

Day 6: Switch accounts

Gift swapping is a thing…and now so is swapping accounts! If you have more than one login for PageProof, you can now easily switch account – use the shortcut key command + esc, or you’ll find it in the main menu.

Day 7: Search workflows by email address & more

You’re on the nice list! Search workflow templates by email address – handy for finding the workflow templates a user is on so they can be updated. And, if you like the workflow you see in the proof’s info pane, click the 3 dots icon and save it as a workflow template to use in the future. Nice and easy.

Day 8: Introducing PageProof X-Tools

Extraordinary innovation! Introducing PageProof X-Tools. Customize the proofing experience by adding a PageProof X-Tool to the proofing screen – a calculator, unit converter, even a calendar. These useful tools mean reviewers do not need to leave their proofing screen to calculate a sum total, check a unit conversion, or calendar date, for example. Speeding up the review and approval process.

  • Unit converter tool. The unit converter tool is useful when you want to change Celsius to Fahrenheit, pounds to grams, inch to meter, etc.
  • Calculator tool. The calculator tool will come in handy if you need to check any calculations on the proof.
  • Calendar tool. The calendar tool helps reviewers ensure that the date, day of the week, etc. detailed on a proof is correct.

Proof owners can add a PageProof X-Tool on a proof-by-proof basis, meaning you can select which additional tools you’d like your reviewers to use for each proof. These three launch tools are the first of many, so let us know in-app what other custom tools you’d find useful to be added to the PageProof X-Tools suite.

Day 9: Custom PageProof X-Tools

Something special for PageProof enterprise customers – a customized PageProof X-Tool for your organization. For example: a customized PageProof X-Tool that displays information about an asset from a digital asset management system, or a tool that gives useful context for the reviewer from an internal product system. Reach out to our enterprise consultants to discuss your needs.

Day 10: A new recipe for automation

A sprinkle of magic for users – enjoy a new recipe to automate uploading a proof file to a subitem when a proof status is reached. For example, when a proof is approved, upload the proof file to a subitem column. From there, trigger a further automation to file the approved proof in a digital asset management system.

Day 11: Smart compare & Asana integration enhanced

Smart compare calculates the differences between versions for you, and now enjoy easy navigation of pages when working in this mode saving you time.

PageProof’s native integration with Asana makes your creative workflow and team collaboration even more effective. The ease of creating proofs directly from Asana tasks – even URL links, and email marketing proofs – and a transparent view of your approval progress with a widget, gives your team both functionality and visibility when reviewing and approving creative work. Enjoy a new advanced integration setting controlling proof counts.

Day 12: Introducing private comments

No peeking! Want to ensure your comment can only be seen by members of your team? Private comments are perfect. This new comment feature is available for PageProof enterprise customers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our advent calendar of festive features. There has been something for everyone from designers to marketing teams, Enterprise customers to Teams, and reviewers to approvers. If you want to find out more, reach out to us in app or set up a time to chat with an expert using the button below. Wishing you a fun-filled lead-up to Christmas and a happy holiday season!