Best Christmas video ads of 2020 that spread smiles

Best Christmas video ads of 2020. Old fashioned TV and text about festive TVCs that have the 2020 tone just right

When incorporating video ads into your festive marketing strategy, think about what the customer wants to see. Especially with the challenges that 2020 has brought, joy is more important than ever. With so many more consumers online, your business has a great opportunity to spread smiles with videos for the holiday season.

Choices for the tone of the advert include heartwarming and funny with options for the storyline being touching on Covid-19, avoiding it altogether, or telling a story of hope for 2021.

With all these complexities to consider, just remember what some people love, others will not. But it is most important not to be insensitive. Ask yourself if you are creating content your customers will love and share.

Here are our top five examples of companies that created holiday marketing videos that evoked emotion from their audience. 


A heartwarming Christmas advert for SuperValu that reflects how some families are feeling with the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions

Simple, no fuss, and with plenty of heart community message by Co-Op
This beautiful Christmas commercial by East Idaho News is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes! This beautiful Christmas commercial was released in December 2020. It is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes!


Touching on Covid, but on a lighter note is Heineken.