Carbon copy proofing with confidence

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We firmly believe that the proofs you create should render exactly like the original file to ensure accurate proofing. That means they should be accurate in transparency, font pixelation, text quality, and color reproduction.

However, this level of detail means files are often large in size. Therefore, when you upload a PDF file to our platform, we convert it into a format that is both accurate and very small in size, making it very quick to load for review and markup. So an exact copy, but quick processing.

Helpful industry tests

To check that a proof actually matches the original PDF artwork uploaded, you can use a number of industry tests.

The Ghent Output Suite was created for professionals processing PDF files to determine they were behaving as expected in graphic art production workflows. The test involves a series of patches that are constructed to clearly show whether a rendering test is passed or failed. For example, to check that transparency in the PDF file is rendered correctly. The test patches check the rendering of artwork effects such as transparency, CMYK, RGB and spot colors, font quality, overprint, etc just to name a few areas.

Ghent test proofing sheet to ensure exact replica of design - PDF artwork squares

Also well-regarded in the print and media industry is the Fogra print check. This quality control check is specifically designed for color and detail sharpness.

Fogra test proofing sheet to ensure exact replica of the design

We love that PageProof 100% passes the Ghent Output Suite patches and matches the Fogra quality control check against standard CMYK profiles – and that we are the only online proofing system to do so.

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