10 best Halloween packaging and marketing designs of 2021

10 best Halloween packaging and marketing designs. Halloween jack-o-lantern - PageProof green

Who doesn’t love great marketing ideas? Especially for Halloween!

Agencies working with brands are getting more and more clever with their creative concepts every year. Spooktastic campaigns, optimizing the use of color, and spellbinding designs get the most attention.

These companies stood out with their unBOOlievable creative in 2021. Enjoy!

1. Fanta: spooky fun ‘Dare to play’ campaign

We love the spooky fun that Fanta injects into Halloween annually 💚.

Fanta has become synonymous with Halloween and this year the brand is set to make the spooky season even more wickedly delicious and fun. The multifaceted marketing campaign is in line with Fanta’s brand purpose – ‘In the Name of Play’. It includes a spooky TVC, paid social media, digital and out-of-home advertising, and high-impact in-store activation – all of which also highlight the prizes on offer via the on-pack activity.

The TV advert named “Dare to play” depicts items in a shop coming to life and giving shoppers a fright – and it ends by encouraging consumers to ‘grab a Fanta and scare yourself silly this Halloween’ 👻.

Check it out here 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/3jJcJa8

Fanta’s latest spooky campaign creates Halloween fun

2. Heinz: “Tomato Blood” Halloween costume kit

Did you know that Heinz ketchup has been used to decorate Halloween costumes for years? 🤔

We think it is clever that the brand leveraged this seasonal trend by launching a limited-run of Tomato Ketchup. Named “Tomato blood” the bottle is transformed with a spooky packaging design. This year, they have taken things a step further by developing a Halloween costume kit. This Halloween-themed box is filled with a makeup palette, sponge, dropper, makeup brush set, rhinestone sheet, tattoo sheet, vampire wings, spooky eyelashes, and, of course, a bottle of Tomato Blood.

Everything you need to transform into the spookiest versions of yourself 🧛🏻‍♂️🧛‍♀️

Find out more 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/3lTDLwY

Make Halloween ooze with Heinz’s ‘Tomato Blood’ costume kit

3. Wintercroft: spooky geometric masks

We love these gorgeously designed, and subtly spooky geometric masks from designer Wintercroft 👌.

Perfect for lovers of minimalist design with a penchant for DIY. This unique range of user-friendly templates has plenty of options including skulls, werewolves, and pumpkin heads in addition to a range of animal masks.

Which one will complete your Halloween costume? 💀🐙🎃

Designer DIY masks that make unique Halloween costumes

4. Pringles: limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark cans

We love the touch of spook Pringles adds to Halloween with two varieties of potato crisps where the cans actually glow-in-the-dark ☠️.

The limited-edition cans are decorated with special phosphorescent inks, which highlight the bright pack fonts in the dark and come to life in the dark perfect for Halloween season celebrations. The packs are available in two variants Sour Scream & Onion and Oooriginal Glow in the Dark cans.

When you’re rummaging around in your kitchen late at night you’ll be able to spot the Pringles — even in the dark.

Find out more 👉🏼 https://prn.to/3nnCaiC

Pringles limited edition packaging lights up Halloween

5. Crest: “Bring on the Candy” campaign

We love the marketing campaign by Crest that teeth are not the only thing to be kept safe this Halloween 🍬🍭🍬🍭

Their social media promotion gives you the chance to win a minty blue jack-o-lantern cylinder with lid and combination lock to keep your Halloween haul protected from greedy hands, as well as a tube of Crest toothpaste to keep your teeth covered 🦷.

Great way to bring on the smiles long after trick-or-treating is over.

Find out more 👉🏼https://bit.ly/3bdeYxQ

Sweepstake to protect your loot and pearly whites this Halloween

6. Temptations TVC: “Tasty Human” snacks

We love the launch of Temptations cats limited edition cat snacks and a funny marketing campaign for Halloween 😻.

Morbidly named “Tasty Human”, they play on the question of whether cats would eat owners if they were lion-sized? The packaging depicts a cartoon feline stirring a steaming cauldron full of human limbs. The two supporting humorous ads show humans warding off cats with evil intentions with a few pieces of “Tasty human” whilst they are lounging in bed or bath.

You never know what could happen on Halloween 😉

Find out more 👉🏼https://bit.ly/3Ebe40Y

Temptation: “Tasty Human” snacks TVC

7. Krispy Skreme’s Halloween transformation

We love how Krispy Kreme’s celebrates Halloween annually with a spooky transformation of their logo for the month of October 😱

The chain will be known as ‘Krispy Skreme’ for the rest of the month, complete with an altered orange and green logo, themed packaging designs, four new Halloween-themed donuts as well as in-store promotions.

For spooky sweet fun, ‘Krispy Skreme’ is rolling out – The Abra Cat Dabra Doughnut, The Enchanted Cauldron Doughnut, and The Bewitched Broomstick Doughnut.

Add a touch of magic to your spooky season with these treats 🍩 🍩 🍩

Find out more 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/3GtAsEN

Halloween brand transformation: ‘Krispy Skreme’ and spooky new treats

8. Hershey’s scary treats

We love the spooky range Hershey’s has unveiled for Halloween 2021💚.

Featuring returning favorites and new offerings, Hershey’s Halloween range includes Frankenstein-inspired Reese’s treats, ghoulishly green Kit Kat bars, and Cookies ‘N’ Creme Fangs by Hershey’s 🧛🏻‍♂️.

Which of these scary treats would you add to your candy bowl this season?

Find out more 👉🏼 https://buff.ly/3BSoeDc

Hershey Co. unmasks a range of spooky Halloween packaging and sweets

9. ‘LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales’ collection

We love this clever poster sequence that pays tribute to the best horror movies ever made 💚.

Developed by LEGO Star Wars to celebrate their recent release of ‘LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales’, the collection is being been rolled out in the lead-up to Halloween. In each poster, a design element has been swapped out for a concept of the movie.

The collection kicked off with a tribute to The Shining, it continued with homages to Alien and The Thing; and finally honors 1980s vampire classic The Lost Boys.

The results are both hilarious and horrifying 🪓💀🧛🏻‍♂️.

Which is one is your favorite? 👉🏼  https://bit.ly/3CiTHi9

Clever posters by LEGO that honor horror classics

10. Dead Man’s Fingers: Halloween rum app

We love the interactive app experience created by unconventional spiced rum brand, Dead Man’s Fingers, to promote their product at Halloween ☠️

The UK-based alcoholic drinks producer Halewood Artisanal Spirits joined forces with digital experiences studio, Appetite Creative, to create a ‘fruit machine’ app experience to drive website traffic and purchases during the Halloween period.

The new game, accessed via QR codes found on wooden cocktail stirrers sold with Dead Man’s Fingers, offers users instant prizes including branded caps, t-shirts, beach towels, and lanyards, bringing frightening interactive fun to customers this Halloween.

What a fun and compelling user experience for this spooky season 👻.

Find out more 👉🏼 https://bit.ly/2ZqAUCP

Dead Man’s Fingers rum app is spooky fun for Halloween

These campaigns often extend far beyond their product and really drive home the idea that you can find countless ways to stand out in the sea of competitors. We hope you enjoyed our selection as much as we have loved putting it together.