Fresh new features: April 2021

New product features in online proofing

We always love sharing details of new product features each month and April is no exception. Enjoy a range of powerful features that will benefit reviewers in any team, as well as website designers and project managers.

April highlights include the option to save a workflow, support for prototyping tools, the ability to bulk add a workflow, and a new native integration with Trello – a PageProof Power-Up. Read on to learn more.

Create a template of your workflow

Proof owners can save a workflow as a template directly from the proof setup screen. To do this, when you’ve set up your workflow, click the three dots icon and name your workflow template. Quick and easy.

Support for prototyping tools

Do you use Figma, Sketch, Invision, or Adobe XD? These popular prototyping tools and more, are now supported in PageProof, allowing you to seamlessly review and collaborate with key stakeholders.

PageProof is the only digital proofing platform that lets you share work from all 5 stages of website design for review – from the design concept stage; to layout, wireframe and prototyping; through to staging servers, then final live websites.

Bulk add a workflow

We’ve added a new time-saving feature to allow proof owners to add a workflow to multiple proofs at once. Click the cog icon on your dashboard, select add workflow, then select your proofs and choose a workflow template. Perfect for setting up your proofs quickly and efficiently. 

Trello power-up

If you love Trello as much as we do, add the new PageProof Power-up to enhance your team’s creative workflow. A quick and seamless native integration that automatically updates your board and cards with proof information as proofs move through their lifecycle.

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