PageProof fresh new features: August 2023

PageProof fresh new features August 2023 with a rocket flying up into the sky with a trail of icons in its tail wind including PageProof's  compare mode, magnifying glass, checklists.

We love sharing details of our fresh product releases each month. In the latest roundup of PageProof features, there is something for everyone. Designers and project managers in both the approver and reviewer roles will love the efficiency and clarity that the latest fresh new features bring to everyone involved in the creative review process. These include:

  • Duplicate checklist template
  • Bulk changes
  • Info pane enhancement
  • Marquee zoom
  • Delete comments
  • Address book
  • Smart compare enhancement
  • PageProof Academy: Magic tools

Duplicate checklist templates with ease

Checklists make it simple to ensure guidelines are followed, risks are reduced, and marketing compliance for all creative work is achieved. It is now possible for team administrators to not only create checklist templates but also seamlessly duplicate them – a huge time-saver. Find out more.

PageProof redefines creative marketing compliance with checklists

Maximizing efficiency with bulk changes

Making bulk changes to proofs is an easy way to boost efficiency. This feature enhancement enables owners and reviewers to be added in bulk, making it simple to include multiple users in a proof simultaneously. And we provide the capability to bulk update messages to reviewers for proofs, adding an extra layer of convenience to your workflow management. Show me how.

Visibility of when a reviewer first saw a proof

A small enhancement, but a very handy one. You can now easily access the precise moment when a reviewer first saw the proof. All you need to do is open the proof’s info pane and hover over the dot. See how.

Power-up for zoom tool

Zooming is now more powerful than ever before. Be precise by typing a zoom percentage, up to 1000%. Remember, there are keyboard shortcuts that jump to particular zoom states quickly, and for nudging between these states too. Keyboard shortcuts are found under the magic tools. And speaking of tools, the new marquee zoom tool is perfect for zooming into a particular area of the proof.

The marquee zoom tool is perfect for zooming into a particular area of the proof.

Ability to delete other user’s comments

Team administrators can now decide if proof owners are able to delete other users’ comments on the proof. This control can be managed by navigating to the team settings. Additionally, when a user deletes a comment that has replies, the replies will be automatically removed as well. Show me.

Automatic address book suggestions for team members

A brand new team setting controls whether a list of all team members is automatically seen in address book suggestions when users start typing an email address. This global address feature is available on our Teams Plus and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

Automatic address book suggestions for Teams Plus and Enterprise customers

Smart compare enhancement: customize differences display

Comparing proof versions and using smart compare is a hugely popular feature that brings clarity over whether changes that were requested were actually done. Enjoy a new ruler tool available in this mode, and control how smart compare differences are seen – set a color, even a custom color, and whether you’d like to adjust the opacity, add a strobe effect, or jiggle the changes from side to side. See the enhanced compare mode.

A tip: try out the white color setting; this is a particular favorite of our team to easily spot differences between versions.

Enhanced compare mode.

PageProof Academy: master PageProof’s powerful magic tools

For those who might have missed our recent PageProof Academy on the magic that magic tools can bring to the proofing screen, including the new import PDF comments tool – contact our team at to watch the webinar recording.

Our fresh new feature videos are posted on YouTube every month. Ensure you’re up to date with all the latest enhancements by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization streamline creative approvals, book a time below.