Six spooky marketing campaigns to inspire for Halloween 2022

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Halloween has been one of the most beloved holidays in the USA since the 1840s. It is a time where brands can have some fun with spookily-themed marketing campaigns. Great news for companies is that spending for Halloween 2022 is expected to reach a record $10.6 billion. Gen Zs, in particular, are the most avid online shoppers and social media enthusiasts at Halloween. So a Halloween-themed promotion is an opportunity not to be missed for additional revenue and increased brand awareness.

How to add a touch of fun to your Halloween marketing campaigns

  • Halloween-themed marketing materials – social media posts, blogs, or YouTube videos.
  • Halloween-themed email campaign to engage with customers
  • Add a little Halloween flair to your web page
  • Design limited-edition packaging to incorporate a Halloween vibe

Need inspiration for your Halloween campaign? Check our examples below that stood out with their spooky creativity in 2022. Enjoy!

Elysian Brewing Co: CHUCKY – A Killer Wit Beer

Do you love killer design? Then you will love the limited edition beer that takes this literally. 🫣

Elysian Brewing has launched a pumpkin cranberry-flavored beer for Halloween, CHUCKY: A Killer Wit Beer, in celebration of all things spooky.

The packaging’s label makes you want to scream – the oversized, menacing face of Chucky with a blood-soaked blade. And the horror movie poster-like typography immerses you in the creepy vibe. 😱

We think this packaging vividly captures the spirit of Halloween and will send chills down your spine. 👻


CHUCKY: A Killer Wit Beer is going to immerse you in the creepy vibe

Mars: collab tackles waste with recyclable trick-or-treat bags

Did you know that Halloween celebrations generate approximately 2,000 tons of plastic waste annually? 😮

To meet consumer excitement for Halloween AND minimize wrapping paper waste, candy giant Mars has partnered with Rubicon, a leading provider of waste recycling solutions, to develop recyclable ‘trick-or-treat’ bags. The campaign also expands Rubicon’s existing Trick or Trash™ campaign, giving Halloween enthusiasts a fun, easy, and free way to get rid of their trash.

The Trick or Trash™ bags come with a pre-paid stamp and simple three-step instructions on how to return the bags for proper recycling. When consumers return the bags, all the packaging is fully recycled. The bags use the blue color of the Mars logo and are covered with Mars’ most iconic candy illustrations and Halloween elements.🍬 🎃

We think Mars’ new Halloween campaign emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability whilst continuing to drive a key occasion for the candy giant. ♻️


Mars gives Halloween enthusiasts a fun, easy, and free way to get rid of their trash

La Colombe: R.I.P Cold Brew

Unlike the focus on pumpkin spice that most brands opt for at this time of year, La Colombe Coffee Roasters takes inspiration from Philadelphia, one of America’s oldest cities, for the packaging of its R.I.P. Cold Brew. 👻

The design focuses on the skeleton of Benjamin Franklin, who originates from Philly. The image also includes Franklin’s infamous kite and key, surrounded by a mysterious purple haze bringing a nod to scientific experiments so appropriate for the spooky season.

We think this packaging stands out from other more traditional Halloween products. It expresses the love of Philadelphia and is a tribute to the spirits that roam its streets. 💚

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RIP Cold Brew honors the spirits that roam Philadelphia’s Cobblestone Streets

Ghost Honey: bold, spicy honey brand with Halloween vibes

There is nothing more authentic than brands steeped in heritage. 💚

Ghost Honey is a sweet and spicy Mexican honey that you can drizzle on anything. It is inspired by the owner’s grandfather, Eleno Rodriguez Ochoa, passion for miel picoso: a sweet and spicy versatile honey sauce.

The simple white label is paired with bold red typography to reflect the fiery sensation that accompanies each lick. The clear bottle highlights the dark amber color of the honey inside. 🍯

We love how the simple packaging design reflects the vibrancy of Ghost Honey. And it is adaptly named for Halloween! 🎃

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Ghost Honey’s bold design is aptly named for Halloween

McDonald’s: touch of nostalgia with Halloween buckets from the 80s

McDonald’s throwback this Halloween is to the 80s. 🎃

In 1986, McDonald’s began serving its Happy Meal Kids meals in Halloween-themed pails, aka Boo Buckets. Nearly 40 years later, McDonald’s is bringing them back and social media has been buzzing for weeks ahead of the nostalgic release.

The limited edition promotion comes in the same color range as before – white ghost, orange pumpkin, and green witch. People will fondly remember them as McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin. The spooky designs have a distinct face for each character as well as a range of lids. 🧙‍♀️

We think the return of Boo Buckets resonates with the younger generation as well as creates a touch of nostalgia for those who remember them from that time. The trick-or-treating trio carry happy memories of many people. 💚

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McDonald’s vintage Boo Buckets create a touch of nostalgia

PageProof: don’t be scared about the move to online proofing

We loved creating this short video that has fun communicating the benefits of online proofing.

If you struggle to review and approve your creative work seamlessly, then you need PageProof online proofing. You can review any kind of marketing materials with PageProof within your favorite design tools. Supercharging your approval process. There’s nothing scary about switching to online proofing!

PageProof Halloween Advert

The best marketing campaigns often extend far beyond their product and really drive home the idea that you can find countless ways to stand out in the sea of competitors. We have also selected the best Halloween marketing and packaging designs of 2021, you can view them via this link. We hope you enjoyed our selection as much as we have loved putting it together.