PageProof fresh new features: October 2023

PageProof October fresh new features 2023 with rocket flying. In the vapour tail of the rocket are circles showing a mobile phone, slider and Microsoft icon.

We love sharing details of our fresh product releases each month. In the latest roundup of PageProof features, there is something for everyone. Project managers, marketers, and designers in both the approver and reviewer roles will love the efficiency and clarity that the latest new features bring to everyone involved in the creative review process. These include:

  • PageProof 12 days of Christmas is coming soon
  • A new full-featured PageProof app for Windows
  • Smart compare slider enhancement
  • Improvements for mobile proofing experience
  • PageProof enhancement
  • The latest PageProof Academy – Adobe add-on – is available on-demand.

Counting down to PageProof’s 12 Days of Christmas feature release

Did you know every year we bring you PageProof’s 12 days of Christmas? A special release of 12 exciting new features over 12 days. The countdown to the upcoming 12 Days of Christmas has begun — stay tuned here or in-app for exciting updates!

Unwrapping daily features for designers and marketers for 12 Days of Christmas

The new PageProof for Windows app

Users on Windows devices can enjoy a brand new PageProof for Windows app. Everything you can do on in the browser you can do in the PageProof Windows app. Better yet, if you are using the Windows app, there is no need to install the PageProof browser extension for reviewing website proofs. Wherever you work, so does PageProof. Download the new app today from the Microsoft App Store. Show me.

Smart compare slider feature enhancement

Comparing proofs is easy, but did you know we have a handy slider in smart compare mode that lets you reveal the changes between versions? The slider is also able to have a color set – helpful if the main color of your artwork needs to be distinguishable from the slider itself. Plus, we automatically save your chosen color setting for added convenience. See how.

Compare proof versions side-by-side

Improved mobile experience

For reviewers using their mobile device to review multiple-page artwork, you’ll find the page navigation has been enhanced. And if the proof is part of a collection, you’ll now find the additional collection features available under the 3 dots icon. Look out for more mobile enhancements over the next few weeks! See enhancements.

PageProof’s integration enhancement

Our native integration with saves time and resources allowing marketing and creative teams to focus on creating impactful campaigns. With many integration recipes to choose from, enjoy even more data fields that can be mapped to columns on your boards. Find out more.

PageProof Academy: deep-dive into the Adobe add-on

Our latest PageProof Academy deep dives into the PageProof Adobe add-on is now available on demand. So if you’re a designer working in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, you won’t want to miss this Informative session on how to create proofs, work through a to-do list — even see markup and comments layered directly over your artwork file — and upload a new version, right from your design tools. Watch our newest academy and elevate your creative efficiency here.

Our fresh new feature videos are posted on YouTube every month. Ensure you’re up to date with all the latest enhancements by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

If you’d like a walk-through of these new features and to see how PageProof can help your organization streamline creative approvals, book a time below.