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PageProof makes email proofing simple

Seeking simplicity for reviewing and approving email marketing content? PageProof’s innovative email proofing solution lets you seamlessly seek feedback and ensure that email campaigns are faultless.

Fresh new features: October 2020

Always cool sharing our monthly roundup of fresh new product features 🙌 Highlights include a handy automatic link checker, new focus mode, and enhancement to the team administrator settings and new workflows area. We are also thrilled to welcome a native integration to our suite. Read on to learn more…

Fresh new features: September 2020

Our exciting new product features are now live 🙌 We are thrilled to share a new proof setup screen, notifications on Slack and Microsoft apps, zoom nudge, gridlines, as well as enhancements to collection folders & videos. Read on to learn more…

Direct PageProof notifications in MS Teams

Love Microsoft Teams, but drowning in notifications? Introducing the PageProof MS Teams app, which means that notifications about your proofs or PageProof team are now personal. We love making things simple 💚

Fresh new features: July 2020

Our exciting new product features are now live 🙌 We have made management of proofs simple with a decision status overview in dashboard, enjoy enhancements to compare mode, new dashboard management option are now available, as well as the ability to change decisions on a proof. Read on to learn more…

Fresh new features: June 2020

Our exciting new product features are now live. Easily proofing eDMs from Mailchimp, Intercom, Sender, Emma to name a few in PageProof and anOneDrive integration for business. We have also enhanced comment ordering and search features. Read on to learn more…

Are you prepared for a compliance audit?

Can you say confidently that your marketing sign-off process adheres to your compliance strategy?

Do you know how you went from version 1 to version 10, and exactly what occurred in-between? Here’s our list of bare essentials for marketing compliance.